Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day treats

I've been contemplating what to make for a special Valentine's Day dessert this year. It will most likely end up being the white/strawberry cake I posted about last week, but here are a few other options I'm considering . . .

*These are recipes that I have made I can tell you first hand that they are all delicious!


  1. All of these look so delicious! especially the peanut butter caramel cookies! :)

  2. Oh my...I'm hungry now. Don't the Peanut butter caramel kisses look sweet!

  3. go with the pretzel jello! or the lemon cake ;) but those things on the bottom look yummy too. um...can you send a package up to idaho?

  4. How do I pick?!? I think the pb&j cookies are calling out to me! :)


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