Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Holiday Gold Stars

I knew I was starting to feel like my old self again a couple of weeks ago when I got the itch to start some new projects! I actually got a little over ambitious and started 3 new holiday DIY projects this weekend (my husband was at an all day training on Saturday so I needed a good way to spend my free time :)

I actually made these lovely little gold stars to use as table decorations at my church's Christmas social this week. Oh and yes, I realize it's a little early for a Christmas social...but it's more of a Christmas preparation thing. We are going to be discussing different ways to make the holidays less stressful as well as ways to help remember Christ during Christmas.

I love how simple these stars were to make, and they can be used in so many different ways...
-Christmas tree ornaments
-Could be placed randomly on bookshelves
-You could hang a grouping of them with clear string over a table top for a fancy holiday dinner
-Make a bunch of tiny ones and fill glass candy/apothecary jars with them
...and I'm sure you could think of many more uses!

Click below to get the tutorial and look forward to more Holiday DIY projects posted every Tuesday right here!

Gold Stars
Materials needed:
cutting mat
exacto knife
gold spray paint
pen or pencil
straight edge
cereal box (or a very heavyweight paper)
and THIS star pattern (via Disney's Family Fun)

Step 1. Download and print the star pattern listed above (if you have a thicker piece of card-stock to print on, it makes tracing a little easier :). Then, cut out the star shapes with scissors.

Step 2. Carefully open the cereal box along it's seam. Then trace the stars with a pen/pencil. Trace as many as you wish (each finished star needs 2 star patterns).

Step 3. Use your straight-edge and an exacto knife to cut out the star shapes. Be sure to replace the knife blade if it is dull (it will make your life much easier, I promise). 
*hold the straight edge firmly with your fingers as you run the knife along it's edge...and be careful not to cut yourself! You may need to go over the cut twice, especially if your blade is dull. 

Step 4. You will now need to find the center-point of your star shapes. To do this, line your ruler up with the point of one corner and then angle it straight down to the nearest v shape. (it's a little confusing to word...so check out the photos below for clarification). Mark the center-point with a pencil.

Step 5. Take your straight-edge & exacto knife and cut a line starting from the center-point of one of your stars and ending at the tip of the star. Do the same on the 2nd star, but this time cut a line from the center-point to the bottom v shape. (see photo below)

*Slip the stars together to see if you need to do any additional cutting.
The tips of the star should line up nicely. 

Step 6. Find an area outside where it will be safe to spray-paint. Lay down a few sheets of newspaper or old magazine pages and set the stars on top. Spray according to paint directions, and make sure the stars get covered completely.

Step 7. Wait 5-10 min. or until the paint has dried. Flip the stars over and spray the other side. 

Step 8. After the paint has dried, you can slide your star shapes together to create a 3D star form.

Now you can start to decorate with them!


  1. This is a great DIY! These would be great for so many different things! And I like the sounds of your social at church - that's a great idea!

  2. these are SO cute!! would make such a cute centerpiece for thanksgiving din din.

  3. Wow this is so simple and so so awesome!!! I'm with Lindsay... I'm pinning it too. Awesome job!

    - Sarah

  4. you gotta be kidding me?! Love this & it is made from a box!

  5. So simple & cute...I'm saving my next cereal box!

  6. Have you ever made the 3D German stars? You weave strips of paper, then dip them in wax and sprinkle glitter on them. They are kinda fun.

  7. Love these! What a great project, look forward to seeing more from you:)

  8. lovely stars!simple but...I've never thinking about!thanks!

  9. Thanks for sharing this lovely idea - it´s really a wonderful decoration for christmas.

  10. Your little stars are so pretty! I've got this linked to my stars post too today - well done!

  11. Beautiful gold stars! Nice clear instructions too.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  12. Lovely! Can one make them even more multi-dimensional? Using three star carvings for a more globe-like effect?

  13. Great idea! I'm thinking they could be painted in silver and gold then sprinkled with glitter. This would add some extra sparkle!

  14. could you post the link to the star printable? it just leads me to the disney website.

    1. yes I can't find the actual post to the printable. I've searched the disney fun crafts & printables and I can't find it.

  15. Please provide a link to the star pattern. I also searched on the Disney Family Fun, but couldn't find it.

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  17. You can use any star pattern since it is close to July 4th Any $1store Literally has star everything­čść

  18. I couldn't find the star template using either of the links you posted.

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  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

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