Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today is the last day of September which to me really makes it feel like fall is here (although the temp. here is still in the high 80's! Curse the weather...all I want to do is start wearing pants and cardigans again!...Ugh)

We are having some friends over for a dutch oven dinner tonight, and I am super excited (we are doing dutch oven pizza)! Dutch oven cooking is a tradition in my family and is one of my favorite ways to cook, but I really don't get to do it often enough! I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully I will remember to take pictures so I can post a recipe tutorial!

Have you ever had a dutch oven meal before? what is your favorite recipe?

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  1. We speak dutch over here in Flanders and I cook every day, sometimes using the oven but I wouldn't know what a dutch oven meal is...???
    I hope you take lots of pictures to show us ;-)
    Love your leavespicture today!
    have a great weekend,

  2. yum! I have a great one! :

    sooooo good and easy!

  3. I have never cooked with one. Looking forward to the pics/explanation.
    Also, love the fabric leaves.

  4. I've had a few dutch oven desserts, and they were always heavenly. :)

  5. i;ve never cooked with one. looking forward to it though. great post, love. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I've got a brand new post on my recent stop to Rachel Zoe's favorite Beverly Hills spot. xoxo


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