Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Charlotte's 1st Birthday

My baby Charlotte had her 1st birthday on Saturday, I can't believe a year has come and gone since the day she was born! I had a hard time deciding how to celebrate her 'big day' and whether or not I should choose a theme for the party. She's not particularly into anything but my drawers and cupboards at this stage of life... so instead of a themed party I decided to just choose a sweet & cheery color pallet to match her cute little personality and get us excited for spring!

You may think this is a little over the top, but whenever I have an event that requires a little more decorating and planning then your average dinner party, I like to actually draw out my plans and make lists of exactly what I need to purchase.

Normally, I am running around from store to store trying to put together and find all of my necessary party supplies but this time I was able to purchase just about everything I needed through (A wonderful online party supply store that happens to have award winning costumer service.) Their online shop was super easy to navigate and I loved being able to get exactly what I needed without having to take my 2 little ones out on long shopping trip.

The party consisted of a delicious dinner with our closest family members, presents, cake & ice cream, and an awesome home video documenting the highlights of Charlotte's 1st year of life (thanks to my husband :). I used a soft color pallet for the decor (whites + creams with small touches of pink + gold). And to keep things simple yet elegant I added some fresh flowers (many of which came from our own garden!)

When I started putting this post together I realized I totally forgot to make Charlotte a party hat! Don't know how it slipped my mind...I did make her headband I'm counting that as the party hat! 

I decided to make a smaller version of the large cake for Charlotte's personal cake. I loved how cute the cakes turned out, and the frosting technique was so quick and simple! If you are wondering how I did it you should check out THIS cupcake tutorial I listed on you tube. I used exactly the same technique for the top of the cake but ran the icing in lines from bottom to top for the sides (I'm making a video for this tutorial as well just haven't got around to posting it yet!)


  1. Happy Birthday Charlotte!
    First birthday is very special day for a child. I'm little jealous your baby girl is so beautiful.
    Congratulations to her mum to have such cute girl, and for good organisation.
    Decorations are gorgeous. There is not to much of everything. I could say everything is on right place, and is just like to be.
    Great to visit your blog.
    See you later :)

  2. so pretty!!! Job well done mama!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy first birthday to your girl!

  3. Wow, everything is SO beautiful!! I love the colors, and your dining room looks amazing! Happy Birthday Charlotte! She is such a sweet little girl.

  4. So, so pretty! Love those balls hanging over the two side tables. Where did you get those?

  5. Congratulations for the pretty little lady! Beautiful decorations ♥

  6. This has to be the most beautiful blog with the prettiest mother-daughter pair I've come across. Good luck.

  7. Your photos belong in a magazine! I love your simple, yet elegant, style. Your daughter is precious:)

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