Monday, March 25, 2013

$50 Shindigz Party Supply GIVEAWAY!

I had so much fun putting together my daughter's first birthday party and it's no joke that ordering from Shindigz party supply made everything much easier and less stressful!

and guess what...

Your in luck! Because Shindigz has offered to give one of you a $50 gift certificate to use towards your next party!

Please follow the simple instructions below to enter...

1st. Visit Shindigz website and browse their party inventory
2nd Leave a comment below and tell me what type of party you plan to host and which Shindigz product(s) you might use for the big day!

*The giveaway will be closed on Friday April 5th and the winner will be announced the following hurry and enter!  


  1. well i've got a big 1 year old coming up ... so the first birthday goodies would be so great!

  2. My daughter will turn two in October and I'm hoping to throw a nice fall themed party for her. I really like the DIY section on the Sindigz website. I like the pom pom decorations, especially. The party favors in the DIY section are also cute. I was thinking of having everyone decorate cookies, so the jar party favors would be appropriate.

  3. My baby girl is turning ONE in May! We are throwing her an Icecream Parlour Party! I plan on using neopolitan colors with an emphasis on the pink of course! I love the giant pink latex balloons and want to use these for her one year pictures! I also love the tissue and tulle poms, paper fans, tissue festooning, and chocolate brown dot napkins :).

  4. My friend is moving to Germany this summer with her family and we are having a going away party for them so I would choose picnic/BBQ themed stuff and decorate with it for the event!!

  5. I would host Shake it up party for my daughter who will 11 this year.
    And Ultimate kit and Kaboodle would be my buy.

  6. I'd use the gender neutral DIY baby shower kit for my sister's shower!

  7. definitely a first birthday theme for my niece
    Rod Jackson
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

  8. it would be fun to use a Mystical Evening Kit for a fun party!

  9. We are going to host a party to get to know people in mn. I would prob choose a table cover and plates and napkins and such.

  10. I think I'll do a cinco de mayo party!!

  11. Beck's second birthday is coming up so I could use lots of goodies for that!

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  15. Thanks for posting the store info. Can't wait to shop for my kids' next bday parties. I also go overboard for their parties. I even cooked everything from scratch. Everybody luv the food, the décor, the fun.

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