Monday, February 11, 2013

An Animal Birthday Party

I can't believe my little boy is already 3 years old!...sometimes I with I could press a 'pause' button on life because it really does seem to go by much too quickly!

We had such a great time celebrating his birthday with family & friends last week! I decided to throw my little man an "Animal Birthday Party," because he has been loving his stuffed animals lately (especially one particular stuffed deer puppet given to him by his grandma...which is why I thought a golden deer birthday crown would be perfect for the occasion!)

I didn't get around to making all of the party decor but I think everything still turned out pretty cute!

Here are some photos of the birthday decorations and details...
Lion Art + Banner: The banner was made using scrap card-stock and twine. The Lion art is actually a piece I have hanging in the playroom. But the colors and theme were perfect, so I brought it upstairs for the party!

Tassel Strand: This was a surprisingly easy project and I love that it's a little different from typical party decor. I found the gold tissue paper at Party can find the TUTORIAL HERE

Streamer Wall: I looped various streamer colors over a long piece of yarn and then draped it over the main wall in our dining room. I also took advantage of my CHALK BOARD and drew a simple bear outline to go along with the party decor. 

The Bear Cake: I had a wonderful time putting this bear cake together and I am so excited to share the tutorial with you! I basically used a 6" round cake pan for the head, 8" round for the body, cupcakes cut in 1/2 for the ears, and whole cupcakes for the arms and legs (which are actually 2 cupcakes stacked on top of each other). More detailed tutorial to come soon! 

Animal Party Crowns: Originally I tried to buy animal party hats, but I couldn't find anything that I really I decided to make my own! They were a little time consuming, but I loved how well the colors matched the rest of the decor and it was fun having "crowns" instead of hats! The party guests seem to love them too! 

Our Special Guest: Who knew that my husband's Ewok Halloween Costume would be able to make a 2nd appearance (I thought it was doomed to stay in the attic forever!) The kids loved having a bear friend at the party, and the adults got a pretty good laugh as well! 


  1. I love the gold tassel garland! I've been searching for a DIY for my golden birthday this year and this is perfect! Thank you!

  2. you little family is so adorable! You are a woman of many talents. I'd love to open a little store up there in Issaquah and sell homemade items..

    maybe someday..

  3. Hey,I am really loving this post n all the pictures that you shared here with all of us,especially that cute bear outfit this is a lovely post and I would like to see more from you.

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