Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost There!

A couple weeks post pregnancy I tried on one of my favorite old pairs of jeans...then stopped dead in my tracks when I realized they might rip before making it over my thighs.

I tried them on again last Friday and was pleasantly surprised that they almost buttoned! Just a few more pounds to go and I can loose the rubber hair band (+ a few more lbs after that in order to make sitting and bending over comfortable).

I just ordered a double jogging stroller last week so I can whip myself back into shape! (Yes, I have become that crazy mom with the giant stroller that takes up half the road :)

On another note...

I would like to thank my friend Joelle for inadvertently convincing me that my children needed to be on a good nap/bedtime schedule. I have been trying to put both my baby and toddler in bed around 8:00pm for the last week and it has already made my life so much less stressful!

Here are some updated photos of our now happier family...


  1. Yeay!! That is such a good feeling when you get almost get your jeans back on! Cant wait for that one ;) Love all the sweet family adorable!

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL pictures... every single one should be framed! Your children are precious!

  3. way to go mama! My 8 week old starts sleep training tonight...I have a feeling is will be is a night owl!

    Lovely photos!

  4. yay, for fitting pants!! And yay for early bedtimes!! You look fabulous and so does the rest of the fam, I can't wait to meet little Charlotte!!!!!

  5. Woo hoo for you!

    Never underestimate the benefits of sleep:) Your children are darling! Beautiful family.

    P.S. My daughter runs with a double jogging stroller and loves it:)

  6. Can't wait to see those beautiful grandkids.

  7. I know the feeling, I'm just shy of fitting into mine as well. Love the photos! :)

  8. Beautiful children!!! :))


  9. what double jogger did you get?

    I had the BOB actually sold it to I have the City Double it's so awesome!


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