Monday, January 23, 2012


So, I'm still working on organizing my house and last week I tackled what I like to call "the room of death." Which is a room that is basically the result of having no garage or outside storage space plus one to many hobbies!

I call it the "room of death" because it is always a BIG unorganized mess, to the point where I usually just shut the door and pretend it's not there.

Actually, I'm a little embarrassed to even show you these photos but I am glad to say that I made some good organizational progress and last week the room went from a catastrophe, to a somewhat functional space...

I know it's not as pretty as some of the ideas I posted about last week. I would like to do more, but as of right now, we aren't sure how much longer we will be living in this home so I don't want to put too much money and time into it :) 

We also just about finished the kids activity table that we have been working on for our son's 2nd birthday...
I am so happy with how it turned out! Now, I just need to get it painted and then put on a nice thick protective clear coat...I should have a tutorial ready sometime next week! 


  1. You've made a lot of progress in that "room of death!" Every little bit helps! Your activity table looks SO good! I can't wait for the tutorial - so I can add it to my husband's list of wood-working projects :)

  2. It looks a bit more organised! Loving the little table, can't wait for the tutorial!

  3. Great progress!


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