Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family Photos

Family time means lots and LOTS of photos...which isn't always the most pleasant activity.

This Christmas Eve, my family attempted to do a little photo-shoot and it was anything but easy. We had 2 squirming toddlers and no one to actually take the photo, so we had to do the whole tri-pod timer thing!

Out of the 20+ photos taken, this was my favorite! (we did manage to get at least one where everyone was looking at the camera, but this one shows a "real life" shot...so much funner then a posed picture :)

I am still on Holiday and have been taking some time away from the computer (and I must admit it has been  refreshing). I plan to be back to my normal blogging self soon, so please excuse my infrequent posts while I spend time with family.


  1. I love it! and you got bangs!!!! You looks great!!

  2. Oh my goodness, your family is all grown up! And there are kids all around and more on their way! Love it. Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas!

    Along Abbey Road


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