Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Party Favor/Table Decor Ideas

It feels weird to already be posting about Thanksgiving (seeing how Halloween was just on Monday), but really it's only 3 weeks away. So, if your planning on making anything crafty for the occasion, it's time to get started!

My older sister is looking for some creative and inexpensive thanksgiving party favors that will also double as table decor. So this post is for you Mel, and anyone else who plans on hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year!

#2 - would be cute filled with nuts, or fall colored candy
#3 - is actually listed as a kids craft, but I think it would look really nice to have one leaf in the center of each table setting (I especially love the golden yellow color). 

To get more info, click on the links... 1 2 3 4 


  1. These are great ideas! I love the golden pumpkin. Just a little, but festive touch!

  2. What a fun round up! I love the fan leaves, hadn't seen that one before.

  3. Those leaf fans are genius!


  4. Thanks for sharing! The turkeys are so cute!

  5. Love your ideas. So creative. I just might have to make the turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. Wish you were going to be here.

  6. the turkeys are so cute! I love your table decorations!

  7. These are amazing table décor ideas. Last month, I arranged a brunch party with my friends and booked one of the lovely Seattle venues. Hired a party caterer and he prepared quite delicious food for this event. We had good time.


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