Friday, October 7, 2011

Just One of Those Weeks . . .

I've had "one of those weeks" this week and am happy to announce that today is finally Friday! My little guy has been sick since last Saturday. It started with 2 days of a fever and turned into a chest cold/cough. He really gets sick A LOT. This is actually his 3rd cold within the last 6 weeks and it's not even winter yet.

The worst part about it is just not being able to take him out to do fun things, like go to story time at the public library, or play at the children's museum (like we usually do). We both go crazy being in the house all day and he has literally lost interest in ALL of his toys. But, I refuse to be "that mom" that brings her sick kids out so that all the other kids (like mine) get sick too.

Last year, when he kept getting sick, I had a Doctor recommend that I not take him out anymore. She actually made me feel like a horrible mom for even thinking about taking him to the store with me. I ended up leaving the office in tears and immediately switched Doctor's. I mean seriously, NEVER take him anywhere? That is both ridiculous and unrealistic...I'm not going to lock my kid in the house every day of his life just so he wont get sick. How is he suppose to build an immune system?

Anyways, I am excited because this weekend we are planning to go to the pumpkin patch, and finish the shelf for our living room wall. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if anyone has suggestions for how to keep kids from getting sick, that don't include keeping them in hibernation for the rest of their lives, let me know!


  1. I hope he feels better and it is best not to take him when he isn't feeling good...if everyone would be as kind wee would have so many sick babies!? Check out the site oh man she has some great great great ideas for entertaining at home! I put "glow sticks" in the bath tub last week during bath time...I was the coolest mom ever :)

  2. Cutest sad face ever! Also, my first child was always sick too. We never made it to church because she could't go to nursery. But with each kid they have been more healthy than the last. My third child is almost never sick.

  3. Tough week, I am so sorry. Since Emory was born very premature, I was also told to stay indoors all winter long! I also could not do this, so still went out but tried to avoid super crowded places. But I think some kids just get sick lots, I don't have any special remedies...sorry!

  4. I'm glad you had the wisdom to know that Dr was a loony. I bet you little one will grow out of it soon. You are doing great. Follow your instincts. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    - Sarah

  5. I hope your little guy feels better soon!! I think that is ridiculous to not take him anywhere! You're doing great :)

  6. GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY...the ridiculous singers that used to be in our ward. I saw them in the temple in Logan today. I DIED.


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