Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Post

Hope everyone had a great weekend! My little guy is all better, but has still been extra crabby! Yesterday, I noticed a couple more teeth coming in so that might explain why. We had a fun time at the pumpkin patch...although, the web site said they closed at 6:00pm but when we got there (at 4:45pm) the lady working there told us they actually closed at 5:00pm and that the last carriage ride out to the pumpkin fields had already left. Luckily we decided to just walk around and the nice man in charge of the carriage rides asked us if we would like a ride anyways (Hooray for nice people)! We weren't able to get any pumpkins, but we had fun!

By the way, I am guest posting for Melissa over at Rooms today (which is an awesome new design blog). She is doing a super fun series called "The Ugly Show & Tell" where fellow bloggers share photos of something ugly in their homes and then say what they would like to do to fix it. So head on over to her blog and check out what my VERY "ugly" show and tell item is!

Here is a sneak peak...

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