Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School Inspiration

Even though I don't attend school anymore, and I don't have any kids that go either, the start of the school year always gets me excited! I can't wait until I get to throw a back to school party for my kids and I have already started collecting fun party ideas (I only have to wait about 4 more years :)

Here are some of my favorite ideas...

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  1. All of these ideas are so fun! Especially the sparkly apples :) Even though we're not in school I still have a "back to school" mentality - I love the fresh start of September!

  2. you will eventually get there and once that your kids are at school you want them to come back home sooooooon.
    thanks for all great ideas.
    and by the way, you´re a beautiful mum.

  3. I loved going to school! nerdy I know :) I can't wait to through back to school parties is just a shame they have to go to school all day and all week after :(

  4. Sparkling apples! Where do you get edible glitter? I want to make those!

    Along Abbey Road

  5. Great Ideas. Can I come to your back to school party?


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