Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thrifted and Vintage: A Few Tidbits

My husband and I often find ourselves scouting the local thrift and vintage stores for our "fun" Saturday activities.  As I have mentioned before, I love to find home decor and accessory items second hand, especially when they are in good condition and priced well. It makes me feel like I won the lottery or something!

The price really is key though...Have you ever been to a thrift store or garage sale that is annoyingly over priced? It's like when you go to the Goodwill and just because an old t-shirt happens to have a Gap tag, it's 5 bucks more then all of the other old T-shirts. Plus, you could probably find it on sale at the Gap for the same price...only it won't be used. Or, someone doing a garage sale is selling there jogging stroller for $150, when they purchased it at $200! I always feel like saying, "don't you realize people are here because they are looking for a deal, and can't afford to buy new?"

Anyways, over last couple of weeks we have discovered multiple thrifted treasures to add to our home, and at great prices! Here are a few of my favorites...

Vintage Ansco Pioneer Film Camera - $4

1960's Desk Lamp - $5

Vintage Glass Jars - $1.50

1950's Retro Floor Lamp - $40


  1. Wait I'm one if those people who always over prices my stuff... Its high quality in my mind so I just assume others will think so. Haha. I love the yellow lamp!

  2. I love that lamp! You are finding some great bargains.

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  4. Okay, i must admit....... that camera is amazing and i totally envy you. That little piece of mechanical engineering is so neat. And for only $4? Great bargain! It's funny how people don't know a piece of art when they find one. :) Anyways i love reading your blog and the photography is amazing! Blessings~ Madi


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