Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Design for Kids

Do you ever remember being asked to design your dream home or bedroom in grade school? Well I do! And let me tell you my dream space always included a) some sort of giant fish tank, b) a twirly slide, and c) my own private McDonald's!

When I got a little older I thought that some of my designs may have been a bit too "out there" & unrealistic to actually build.. But, I have come across some pretty "far-out" designs lately that are causing me to reconsider my past design options.

Here are a few of my favorites...

After repeatedly seeing so many fabulous sophisticated interior spaces, its easy to forget about child friendly designs. Hopefully these images will inspire us all to incorporate more playful designs into our homes! (If you don't have children there is nothing wrong with adding a swing to your living space, or a slide in your bedroom...adults need a little fun too!)

Photo Credit:  AB Rogers, & Design Boom. First Spotted on The Young Curator


  1. Wow, that slide is amazing!!

  2. WOW ! It must be so much fun !!

  3. i'll probably have to make a room like this for my kids just so i can play in it.


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