Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: A pop of color

Using dramatic colors in a space can be a little tricky and scary to attempt. But, its nice to know that you don't have to design a whole space with bright overpowering colors to make a statement. Sometimes, using bold accents like furniture pieces, art work, and area rugs can give just the right "Pop" of color to add plenty of interest and character to a space.

I stumbled across this photo the other day and it has definitely inspired me not be afraid to go bold. The color and style of the sofa makes such a dramatic statement. Yet, the overall look is simple and chic. The rustic pendant lighting is also fabulous. I love how it hangs a little offset from the sofa. I just wish I could find more pictures so I could see the whole space!  

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  1. Love the framed pup pics! I may have to do that in honor of the kennel I seem to have going at my house. :)

  2. where do you think they got those light fixtures? I love those.


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