Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Easter Table Decor

Egg cups have become my new favorite Easter obsession. They have such a simple yet charming design and as I have discovered, can have many more uses then just holding hard boiled eggs. My mom sent me these egg cups last week, I can't wait to use them for my easter table setting!

Here are some creative ideas on how to use eggcups that will hopefully inspire you!

Ps. I found the history of egg cups pretty facinating! Did you know...

The earliest record of eggcup was found in 3 A.D. in the ruins of the city of Pompeii. 
The eggcup was not used again until the Elizabethan period of the 1600’s. During this time, the ruling classes of England would often eat their eggs in silver eggcups. Since it was fashionable for commoners to mimic the styles of the aristocracy, many English families began eating hard boiled eggs in wooden eggcups. (via

Photo Credit: 1,2,&6 Martha Stewart, 3&5. Better Homes & Gardens, 4. Southern Living

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  1. I am quite obsessed with egg cups as well this year. The top photo of colors is just gorgeous!


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