Monday, March 7, 2011

Shamrock Pretzel Cookies

St. Patricks Day is coming up and its time to start thinking about some yummy treats to make to celebrate the occasion! These Shamrock Pretzel Snaks from are super tasty and fun to make! I altered the recipe slightly and have included easy step by step instructions for you to create your own!

You Will Need...
Pretzels (how much depends on how many cookies you are making, 3 pretzels will make 1 cookie)
White baking chocolate or white chocolate chips
Green frosting (can use homemade or store bought. This Recipe by Wilton is one I always use for decorating)
Wax paper
Dipping utensil (I used one of my craft knitting tools, shown below, it worked great!)
Piping bag or ziplock bag, to apply frosting

Step 1. Place white chocolate in a microwave safe baking dish and microwave on high in 30sec. increments.

Step 2. Stir chocolate after each 30sec. increment until it is smooth.  If you are using chocolate chips, add 1/4 tsp of vegetable oil to every 1/4 cup of chocolate chips before microwaving. 

Step 3. Set up your dipping area so you can work efficiently before the chocolate starts drying. Set a piece of wax paper on a flat clean surface with pretzels and chocolate at one end.

Step 4. Using your dipping utensil (I used a craft knitting needle) dip each pretzel into the chocolate, make sure to drip off excess chocolate.  

Step 5. I Like to still be able to see the pretzel holes, so I would pick the pretzel up off of the wax paper until all excess chocolate was gone. 

Step 6. Dip all pretzels in chocolate and let sit until chocolate hardens completely.  To create shamrock stems, gather up broken pretzel pieces from your bag and dip them in the chocolate as well.

Step 7. Dip the ends of each pretzel back into the chocolate.  Attach 3 pretzels at their ends to create a shamrock shape. 

Step 8. Dip the ends of your stem pieces in chocolate and apply to the shamrock. 
Note: If you want your cookies extra sturdy, dab extra chocolate in the center of each clover.

Step 9. Take your green frosting and fill a piping bag (or a ziplock bag).  Using a small round tip, pipe the outer shape of the shamrock. (If you are using a ziplock back, cut a small hole at the tip of the bag). 

Step 10. Outline all shamrocks with frosting, don't forget the stems!  And if you want, get a little crazy, use different techniques like dots, or use sprinkles (sprinkles must be applied immediately after outlining a cookie or the frosting will not be sticky enough).

Step 11. Remove cookie with a spatula and transfer to serving platter, the chocolate will have hardened to the wax paper so do this step carefully!

Now serve!


  1. Adorable! Who doesn't love chocolate covered pretzels?

  2. I saw those in the mag, and YES yours look way yummier :D

  3. Wow, I love those rainbow cakes. Have you tried them yet? They look delicious. Love your blog. Mom


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