Friday, March 18, 2011

Home Decor : White Done Right

When you stumble upon a space with white walls, furniture, or accessories its natural to think...boring! For the longest time, I thought walls that were painted white were completely bland and I had come to the conclusion that people who owned white walls were simply afraid of color.

Yet, over the past few years I have definitely been proven wrong.

It is my new thought that when done right, white can be just as, if not more appealing than a room full of color. Perhaps, this is because of the calming and simplistic feelings a white space can bring, while still giving a glamorous and contemporary feel. I really can't pinpoint a single aspect of why white spaces work out so beautifully...all I know is they work, when done right of course.

I have slowly been accumulating examples of interior spaces that exemplify the theme of "white done right." I would love to create a space like this. Although, I like so many different design themes its hard for me to stick to something!  If your looking for a way to simple yet enchanting way to add a touch of serenity to your space, try white!

Here are some examples to help you along the way...

Photo Credit (1. atlantahomesmag, 2. blog.alicelanehome, 3.knackstudios, 4.apartmenttherapy, 5,6,&7. elledecor, 8. apartmenttherapy)


  1. I too thought white everything was boring and have been collecting "white done right" photos for the past little while. 2 byui design minds think alike. haha

  2. Do you follow this blog?
    She uses a lot of white and it is making me want to transform my entire home.

  3. that really is white done right!

  4. I love the look of white on white, with tons of texture! It's so hard to pull off least for me. Some day I will figure it out.


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