Sunday, March 20, 2011

Decor: Recycled Magazine Art

We were so excited when we found a great way to recycle all the old magazines that we have laying around our house and create art at the same time. Here is one that my husband did recently. Those of you that are from or familiar with the Puget Sound area might recognize the scene. It is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (before the built it's brother) and the Olympic Mountains in the background. My husband and I grew up near Tacoma, WA and having this art in our house make us feel a little like we are back home in the beautiful Northwest. We miss it so much!

If you would like to try some recycled magazine art for yourself:

1. Start by going through your magazines and cutting out similar colors and grouping them in stacks.
2. Find a frame that you would like to use (you can find a lot of frames at thrift stores with missing glass, these work perfect)
3. If the frame has some type of board in it already you can create your art right on it. If not, find a piece of matte board and cut it to fit the frame.
4. Come up with an idea and sketch it on the board. Abstract magazine art would also be very cool.
5. Get a glue stick and start cutting shapes and gluing them on the board. Usually your idea will progress as you create your piece of art. The original idea for the one above was nothing like it turned out. Have fun with it. You can always cover something up with more magazine if you don't like it.
6. (Optional) Cover you art with some type of protective clear coat like a spray on clear enamel.


  1. how cool. u need 2 make me 1 of those or at least help me make 1 when u come 2 visit!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. o the comment before this 1 was from nat!

  3. Wow! This is brilliant! It looks beautiful.

    Rambles with Reese

  4. This is incredible! Did the glue gun make the magazine pages curl or anything like that?


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