Saturday, March 26, 2011

Get Ready...For Garage Sale Season!

Don't forget... garage sale season is starting and its the perfect way to find inexpensive vintage or salvaged furniture and accessories to spruce up for your home!

Scoping out weekend Garage Sales is something my husband and I have come to greatly enjoy.  Its so much fun to find items for our home and usually at an even cheaper price then the Goodwill or other thrift stores.  Sometimes, it feels like we have to be the first one's to get there so the good stuff doesn't get picked we're in a race or something! It's kind of  thrilling (yeah we are nerds)!

I once found a vintage 60's pedestal dinning table (like the one below) with 6 chairs. It was in great condition and just over $100 for the whole set. Unfortunately, I was in Washington at the time for an internship and had no way of getting the set home to Idaho where I was going to school. So, I passed it up...that was about 3 years ago, and I think about it ALL THE TIME!

Here are some great items we found at garage sales last week. Hopefully we will find many more!


  1. Garage Sales can be so much fun! Love the teal blue in your kitchen!

    Wishing you a great day!

  2. I remember I was with you when we saw that table set. Too bad, you could have stored it with me! I also remember that asian trunk you scored. I'm really excited for garage sale season! Maybe we can find a few while you're here! I have tons of storage if you can't get it back right away.


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