Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fabulous Finds : Take 2

Happy Monday!
Time for another round of "Fabulous Finds."

Its the beginning of a new week, which means back to business as usual at our house. The weather has been looking quite nice here in New Mexico... between 60 & 70 degrees with Friday at a high of 76 degrees! I'm excited to spend some time outside with my little man, and I'm also excited about some fun projects and posts I've been working on, hope you are too!

Well, here are some of the fabulous home decor/kitchen & dining finds I have come across lately (remember everything is $30 and under!)...

1. West Elm, Modernist bowls & Mugs $8-$10.
2. Saladerie, Fine Art Photography $25
3. West Elm, Owl Measuring Cups - $19
4. Anthropologie, April Fools Apron - $19.95
5. Urban Outfitters, Color Etch Letters - $10
6. FishboneDeco - Etsy, Vintage Polaroid - $28


  1. that april fools apron is so lovely!

    i love anthropologie aprons. my sister gave me a houndstooth one for christmas, and it has definitely served me well over the past few months :]

    it stars in my latest blog post on my chocolate nutella cupcakes!

  2. I love the owl measuring cups, and that apron is gorgeous!


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