Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clutter Managed

Do you have a room filled with unmanageable clutter? I didn't think so. But in-case you ever do, here is an inexpensive eye catching solution... a homemade shelf.

When we first moved into our new place, I was a little agitated when I discovered how little storage space there actually was.  Our spare room (or the storage/art/craft/music/guest room) was a complete disaster.  I have slowly been trying to figure out ways to store all of our non-daily essentials on a tight budget.
This shelf only cost about $12 to put together and little time to assemble.  
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-Homemade shelf-

Materials needed: 
* 3 metal shelf brackets ( I purchased the least expensive ones $1.28 a piece)
* A 1x10x6 board any wood species will do (cost approx. $8.00 for fir which is what we used)
* Wood stain, whatever color you prefer or have laying around the garage (we used a walnut stain)
Note: if you want to have a longer shelf, buy a longer board and make sure to buy extra brackets for weight support according to manufactures suggestions. 
* 18 screws, 9 long enough to penetrate wall through bracket (approx 2"). 9 shorter screws (approx. 1/2" long)

Tools needed:
* Sander (any type)
* Brush or something to apply stain
* Screw Driver

1. Take your board and starting with a course sand paper, sand down the factory cut edges. You can round ends and corners or do a random edge look which gives it more of a reclaimed wood look. Run sander over all board edges and both faces of board. Do this with progressively finer sand paper.  
2. Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove all dust. Let wood dry completely before applying stain. preferably outside, apply an even coat of stain. (if you have never stained before here is a great site to look at).
3. Allow board to dry completely.
4. Find the studs on the wall that the shelf will be installed.
5. Measure how high you want your shelf and where is will be centered on the wall and lightly mark the height with a pencil.  
6. Apply the brackets to the wall where you have marked with screws long enough to penetrate studs (depends on brackets).
7. Place finished board on brackets and screw board to brackets from below.


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