Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Lace Light Fixtures

Have you ever thought about turning your old doilies or lace tablecloths into a lamp shade?

Well, I have actually been thinking about it a lot...especially since my grandma told me that she had a whole bunch of vintage doilies that she wanted to give me. Unfortunately, every time I go home to visit, it seems like I can't fit anything extra into my bag (not just because the zipper is about to rip, but because it ends up being right on target with the 50lb weight limit) so I haven't been able to take the doilies home with me yet, but I plan to save some extra space when I travel home for the holidays!

What do you think? Would you do use a fixture like these in your own home?

Photo Credit: 1. Apartment Therapy 2. Shannon South 3. Flicker


  1. How neat!!!!
    I've actually been mulling over a very similar project myself! I bought some adorable lamps at a yard sale, alas, they were sans shades (but for $2, I figured I could find the shades elsewhere!)
    I've been thinking of how to turn some lovely dark green lace (which I already had) into a cover for them, but I had only assumed that covering an existing lampshade was the best and only option for this.
    Now I realize that naked lace is available and lovely, too! ;)

  2. This makes my heart pitter patter---because I have such a love for lace! This is gorgeous! I'm doing a wedding this weekend that is strictly lace and burlap... Stay tuned for pictures :]

  3. I love those light fixtures. They are awesome.. I think I'm going to have to make one.

  4. My mom took the lace doilies left to me by my grandmother and made a quilt - and then she hand-stitched the doilies to the top of each square. It is an heirloom that is useful and I will treasure it forever!

  5. How do you think they made the round one? That's my favorite. I want to do that if I can figure it out.


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