Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Rustic Pencil Holder

I don't know about you, but I've seen a lot of rustic accessories and tableware popping up all over design blogs lately. The wood cake stand is one of my favorites, and I'm hoping to be able to make one soon so I can share the DIY with you!

I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in through rustic or organic design elements. Which is why I was thrilled when my husband made me this wooden pencil holder. The piece of wood is one that his friend found by a river bank. My husband just added a few holes to it, sanded down the edges, and made it into a functional decorative piece for my art room.

Click below to get the tutorial...it's super simple!

Rustic Pencil Holder
Materials & Tools Needed
Hand saw
Small slice of wood either from a large branch or tree base (mine is a piece of poplar about 6" in diameter)
Drill (with a drill bit size of about 7/16")
Sand paper

Step 1. Using a hand saw, carefully cut your wood piece to the desired height.

Step 2. Drill holes into the top of your wood piece. You can drill in a pattern or randomly.

Step 3. Sand down the edges and add pencils.
(I told you it was simple!)


  1. This is so very cute! I love it! Thanks for stopping by today! :) ♥- Katrina

  2. it looks fantastic AND it's useful - love this idea!

  3. Andrea I LOVE this, Amber just told me about your blog so I decided to check it out yesterday, and then I saw your comment on Little Green Notebook today, small world!

  4. I love it! What a great idea. Can you make me one?

  5. seriously, I loooove this so much. can't wait to read more of your site. :)

  6. Great photographs! What kind of camera?

  7. Super awesome. So simple and charming.

  8. April, my camera is a Canon Rebel t1i, and I love it!

  9. COOL BEANS! I love it...so want to do this.

  10. Neat idea! Love it, thanks for sharing.

  11. What a brilliant result - the combination of the rustic timber with the colour pencils is fabulous.

    I have been hoarding the most wonderful branch that I found in the garden after a storm - and now I have the perfect use for it! Thank you for the idea and inspiration (and instructions too!)

    Greetings from an interior designer in Oz.

  12. I completely love it!!! Thank YOU for inspiration!

  13. I came across this on Creative Jewish Mom. Brilliant and adorable!

  14. LoooVe This so much, I really want one :)
    Great blog. Following you :)

  15. Super fun. YAY POWER TOOLS! My boys will love this one. Thanks!

  16. Thanks for sharing this project! Love it!

  17. Looks like my husband has another item on his honey-do list!

  18. Absolutely fabulous!
    Short AB.FAB.


  19. I love it! I hope my boyfriend will lend me his drill :) Wonderfull idea!

  20. Beautiful and very simple. Now I just have to find a drill to borrow....

  21. This is sooo great!! and simple to boot! I can't wait to do this project. I absolutely love it.

  22. Ohh I just love this tutorial - Pinning right now!!

  23. This is soo beautiful! I am thrilled about the colors... so I posted it on fb:
    Thank you!

  24. wow, this is fantastic, I'm a pencil freak!

  25. This is so cool. I did a post on my blog about your tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


  26. awesome! cute idea!
    I have made an article on my blog with your idea. It will publishe tuesday. Tell me if you like.

  27. I like this idea and I will request my father to make this for me....

    Greetings from Susanne from Berlin

  28. Thanks for the inspiration. I made mine. You can see it at http://judyisokay.typepad.com/judyisokay/2012/05/rustic-pencil-holder.html

  29. Oh what a neat idea. Am borrowing for my post on Monday, if you don't mind. Neat blog, full of great ideas~Kamini

  30. It's amazing idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  31. Haha,we had the same ideea:
    I'm curious,i see ur blog is .ro

  32. This is so beautiful and so amazing! My wheels are turning! I LOVE IT!


  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. I absolutely LOVE this!!! :D

  35. This has been on my to do list for ever!!! I just adore it! Shared here http://siayla.blogspot.ca/2014/01/got-wood-try-these-wood-crafts.html

  36. Worldcraftindustries
    Wow..It's simple super, What a great idea.I Love it :) Really.

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  39. This is very chic. Love the rustic style. Thanks for posting this awesome pencil holder diy projects.

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