Monday, April 30, 2012

A Crazy Wonderful Life

I'm sure you've all noticed my blogging absence lately...let's just say things have been a little crazy around here.

First off...I have yet again given birth to a fussy/colicy baby who rarely lets me put her down. She does this "cat nap" thing where she sleeps in 5-10min. increments during the day. I swear every time I think she is dead asleep, I carefully place her in her crib, and 2 min. later she is wide awake! I have tried sticking to a dairy free diet to see if her fussiness is because of a food allergy but it didn't seem to help. Now my Dr. has me giving my baby soy based formula for the week...but it doesn't seem to be helping either.

Secondly...My already demanding 2 yr old has decided to start getting into EVERYTHING! He now thinks that it is ok to get into the refrigerator and cupboards to retrieve his own snacks (which always results in a mess of crumbles or gooeyness on the floor). The other day he got a gallon of milk out of the fridge and proceeded to pour himself a glass! Luckily I caught him in the nick-of-time! In addition, he has decided to become the worst sleeper in the world (but thankfully my wonderful husband has stepped in and takes care of him when he wakes up in the middle of the night :).

And last but not least... (remember when I wrote about my nursing problems?) Well, I have now become an "exclusive pumper." Which is a whole nother story on it's own... just know that it is INCREDIBLY time consuming.  But, so far so good because I am actually feeding my baby 100% breastmilk, which is a miracle for me!

On a happier note...

I truley do love being a mother of 2 even though it seems my life has literally been turned upside down. A couple of weeks ago my husbands family came to town and they were able to attend Charlotte's baby blessing at our church (see above photo). It was a great day and so nice to have them here to share it with us!

Also...a big THANKS!!! to the person who created "white noise" sound clips, it's one of the only things that will calm my fussy baby!


  1. What a great picture!

    White noise has also been a blessing to us...that combined with a pacifier and a swaddling blanket works like magic to put our little man out at night.

  2. I was an exclusive pumper as well. And while a HUGE time sucker, it was worth it. Stay strong!

  3. Congrats on the new baby girl! You have every right to take a break from blogging! Thanks for the update :]


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  5. lovely do you look mama!?

    Second...praying for son cried all the time and then when he was done cried some you have lived through it people really don't understand the word "colic" ...I hope the soy based helps :)

    last our newest doesn't cry praise God...however wants to be held 24/7!!!!! has been interesting with 2 older children who still need attention...she is 5 weeks now and loves loves loves to be in a swaddle like this

    ...which frees my hands you have one? Your crafty...they are so easy to make you just need the material!

  6. Congrats again Andrea! I'm impressed you're exclusively pumping--I can only imagine how much time that takes. Do you have the white noise app? A lifesaver for us! There are many, but the one we like is called "Relax and sleep" (for Android).

  7. I was just thinking about you - hang in there!

  8. Your life does sound quite busy at the time - but you have such a beautiful family!!

  9. What a beautiful family! How could those adorable children be so much work? Ha Ha I totally understand. Just hang in there it too will pass.

  10. I feel your pain girlie -- and hope things get a little easier for you soon!! Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Go mama! I too am an epping mom- it does get better! I am slowly cutting back the # of pumps- I'm down to 5 30 minute sessions a day- which is sooo much easier than the 7-8 I started with!(my son will be 4 months old tmr)

    I've heard the transition to 2 kids is tough, but I'm sure it will get better!!



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