Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage Desk Chair

I hope everyone had a great weekend! There wasn't much excitement at my place, but I did get a whole bunch of things checked off my "before the baby comes" check list (strange how it can feel so wonderful to put a simple check mark across a list of words on a piece of paper :).

One of the items checked off my list was to have my handy husband fix the broken wheel on a vintage desk chair we purchased from a garage sale almost a year ago now. It wasn't even a big fix, we just needed to re-glue one of the wheels that would fall out of the leg every time I moved the thing.

I remember being super excited when we found the chair, besides the loose wheel, it was in great shape and surprisingly very comfortable to sit in (I'm not positive how old it really is, if you look below you will see one of the metal parts says 1923, but i'm not sure if that is when it was actually made). I believe the woman who sold it to us was asking $20 for it...and when I asked her if she would mind taking $15 instead, she seemed more then overjoyed that I was willing to pay even that much.

Funny how someone's "junk" can be another person's treasure. 

Pictured above is also the homemade work desk my husband and I put together last year, if your interested in the tutorial click HERE!


  1. I love how the original metal parts play off of the natural wood...great find!

  2. So love that chair - Jessica's right, great find!

  3. wow, what a great find. Such a beautiful chair. Totally looks like something you get out of Pottery Barn.

    - Sarah

  4. I love those chairs that look like old school chairs!! They are so sturdy and always have a wonderful patina!! It looks perfect with your desk!!

    It's funny how those tiny fixes...probably because they are so tiny....can take the longest to get fixed!! Thank goodness for the baby!! ;)

  5. What a great chair! So classic. And I love your desk - I'm on the hunt for a good thrifty version - would love one that color!

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  10. I have two of these chairs without the rollers, and they are wonderfully comfortable! You'll also be happy to know that they are worth quite a bit more than you paid for them...a great find!


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