Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Handmade Vintage Baby Blanket DIY

There's something undeniably special about handmade baby blankets. My very talented mother made a blanket for me when I was born and it was something I could never part with.

Growing up, (and somewhat still today) I have been a worrier. My blanket helped bring me the comfort and security I needed to get through those childhood moments when I felt scared or alone. Although I don't remember my blanket going everywhere with me, I do remember sleeping with it every night, taking it on every vacation, and especially bringing it along to slumber parties.

I am now 26 years old and secretly still have my "blanket" in my bedroom closet. It is so worn out you can hardly see the original pink rose bud design on the fabric, and there is a large tare on the front where I use to hide all of my favortie "Pogs" so no one could steal them (tricky right?!?).

I thought it was only appropriate that I make my first daughter a blanket of her own. I designed it to look similar to my original blanket (which is why I used the vintage floral fabric and eyelet trim).

Just for fun, here are a few shots of my own baby blanket...

Click below to get the details on how I made this blanket!

Baby Blanket 
You will need...
2 fabrics of your choice each measuring about 1-1/4 yards square
Cotton batting (made for quilting)
Thread to match fabric
Fabric scissors
Thick yarn to match fabric

*I realized as I was making this post that I really shouldn't be labeling this as a DIY project. As many of you know, I am basically a self taught sewer and I have no idea if how I assembled this blanket was the right way or not. Regardless, I decided to post my instructions anyways, and all of you pro-sewers out there can have a good laugh at my methods (and then kindly email me and tell me what you would have done differently :)

First: I cut the batting and fabric to about 1-1/4 yards square. (After I made my cuts, I sandwiched the batting in-between the 2 pieces of fabric and ironed all of the wrinkles out. This helped me to see that everything was indeed cut to the same dimensions). My batting was actually fairly thin, so I used 2 layers.

Then, I folded the fabric and batting under about 1/2" all the way around, creating a nice hem. To hold the hem in place, I ironed it down and then pinned it every 6-8 inches. (Ignore the eyelet in the photo below :)

Next, I inserted my eyelet trim by taking a few pins out at a time, sandwiching the eyelet in-between the fabric, and then re-pinning it together. After I had inserted 1 side of trim in between the fabric, I took the blanket to my sewing machine and sewed the 1 side very close to the edge of the blanket. I sewed the corners of the eyelet by folding over and pinching the trim so that it made a 90 degree turn.

I repeated these steps until all sides of my blanket were sewn. (So basically I took 4 separate trips to the sewing machine.) I wanted to work with 1 side at a time to make sure everything was holding together any lining up correctly :) 

Then I used THIS TUTORIAL - from "Everything Sew," to tie the yarn pieces throughout the blanket. 

And that's it!


  1. What a sweet gift for your little lady! I love that you used to hide pogs in your blanket - too funny!

  2. POGS!! lol. That's hilarious! I haven't thought about those in a while!! Love the banket too!

  3. So beautiful! You are sew (hehe) talented in the sewing department! This is just too cute

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration - I will definitely be making a baby blanket :)

  5. What an awesome DIY!!! You did so great. I love that you shared about your own baby blanket too. I have one and it's folded with my little ones blanket collection. It's fun to pass that stuff down =)

    - Sarah

  6. So darn cute! Thanks for this tutorial...I def want to try it out :)

  7. ahhh look at you!? Sooooooooo cute!

  8. Beautiful blanket! It looks so good with the bassinet that you restored. What a lucky little girl!

  9. So beautiful! Both yours and the one you made. People have made special blankets for my kids and it's so special!

  10. That is so sweet that you still have your baby blanket:) Brings back such tender feelings for my own children:)

    Your new blanket is gorgeous!

  11. All 5 of our children loved their comforters. Mom slyly misplaced them or made laundry excuses when the kids were too old to be seen with'em. That's sweet that you kept yours all these years. Yes, your dad checks out your site once in a while too and it always warms my heart!

  12. You are a great mom. What a special thing to do!!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. There must have been a baby blanket kit that was popular in the 80's - my grandmother made me that exact. same. blanket. Pink rosebud fabric, eyelet lace, pink yarn and all. Which I still have - and mine is just as tattered.


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