Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Minute Valentine

So, this post isn't intended to label my husband as a "last minute" gift giver...just thought I would share his terrific idea for anyone who may have forgotten what day it is today :)

Last year, my husband put together these homemade valentine cards and had them all set up next to a pot of white azalea flowers on top of our dinning room mantle.

It was a sweet surprise that put a big smile on my face, yet it was something that doesn't take much time.

We decided to do another favorite meal at home to celebrate Valentines Day this year. But since our little man is no longer going to bed at 7:00pm I promised my husband I would get a babysitter for this weekend so we can have a little more peaceful celebration!

What are your plans this evening? Hope you have a great Valentines Day!


  1. This is so nice of him! ♥ I am planning to get some evening Amore coffee! :3

  2. Those cards are so nice! Hope you enjoy your day! :)

  3. This is a wonderful idea! Possibly the cutest cards ever. Abe is such a good husband! Happy Valentine's day!

    Along Abbey Road

  4. These Cards are a really beautiful idea. And pictures are so cute!
    Thanks for sharing them here.
    Enjoy your evening and have a lovely time, Andrea.
    Happy Valentine!



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