Monday, February 27, 2012

Eggs & Bacon or Oatmeal & Berries?

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Are you a breakfast person?

Honestly, breakfast food is one of my all time favorites (especially when I'm pregnant)! I just can't seem to get enough when it comes to waffles, crepes, hash browns, bacon, homemade syrup...seriously, the possibilities are endless! In fact, one of my favortie activities to do when we vacation or move to a new town is to find "hole in the wall" breakfast places that are secretly delicious (you know the type that are always on those Food Network shows).

Although, typically, when it comes to choosing what I want to eat in the morning I will almost always stick with my usual whole wheat/high fiber cereal and possibly a side of fresh fruit.

Boring I know.

I won't lie and pretend like I'm a healthy eater (because after about 3:00pm that mindset usually goes out the window), but I have learned that starting my day off with a wholesome meal as opposed to butter and grease makes a BIG difference with how my day goes.

What does your typical breakfast menu look like? Are you the type that can down a whole stack of pancakes no problem or do you prefer to stick to a lighter menu?


  1. I make a "delisous smoooothie" just about every morning. After watching "kid history" that's how I say it too.

  2. Well, I had bacon and eggs this morning!, but last night for dinner I had chocolate chip pancakes lol! i"m a big time breakfast lover. I have to stay though I'm not good like you. I don't eat the healthy stuff as much in the morning.

    - Sarah

  3. I loveee breakfast foods! I usually limit myself, though. If I started out every day with waffles and donuts I think I would be tempted to eat horribly the rest of the day. I usually make oatmeal to start off my mornings!

  4. I loove pancakes and bacon and wish I could eat that every day for breakfast! Lately I've just been eating a bagel... not the most exciting but I do prefer it over cereal!

  5. Just like you I like to start my day with wholemeal cereal. It kickstarts my metabolism. I also like a cup of hot Mocha!


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