Monday, January 30, 2012

A Valentine's Day at Home

Last year, my husband and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day at home!

We don't have many favorite restaurants in town, and our baby boy went to bed around 7:00pm. So, instead of paying for a babysitter and going out to a somewhat decent/overcrowded restaurant, I put together a homemade Valentines dinner and dessert.

Here are some highlights of the evening. Feel free to use any ideas for your own at home celebrations...

1 & 2 - Free Valentine's printable's courtesy of Martha Stewart.
Find the wine label HERE and the "Be Mine" spin wheel HERE

3 - For the rest of the table decor, I gathered up all of the fun/cheesy Valentines decorations I already owned. One of the apothecary jars is filled with paper hearts and pink streamers, the other is filled with carmel Hershey's Kisses!

1 - I made one of our favorite desserts...a white cake with strawberry and cream cheese topping. To make the dessert a little more special and festive, I made mini heart shaped cakes and layered the toppings in between (recipe to come next week!)

2 - I also made THIS delicious soup with homemade bread on the side (one of our all-time favorite meals).

To keep things on the inexpensive side, my husband and I gave each other a budget of $20 for was a little challenging but here are some of the gift ideas we came up with...

1. Mini photo book of our favorite family photos. I purchased the book at Target, for around $4, then I cut and sewed on my own felt heart embellishment when I got home.

2. Potted flowers instead of a bouquet of roses, I believe these are Azalea's. They are much less expensive, just as pretty, and will last much longer!

3. Thrifted/vintage frame with personalized pictures. Find my tutorial on how to personalize it HERE.

4. Mini loaf of homemade banana bread with a love note attached...I gave this to my husband in the morning so he could have something special to start his day!


  1. You are so thoughtful! My husband and I usually don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but with these cute ideas we just may this year :)

  2. These are such good ideas! I love how creative you were with your gifts!

  3. we do the same thing! restaurants are always so crowed anyways :) Kids with no nap = early bedtime :)

  4. My first Valentines day with my fiance was spent at home in sweats with spaghetti carbonara. We loved it so much that we are doing it again this year. Movies, decorations, food and cuddling. That's all that's required for Valentines day :) (We tried going to a steak dinner last year, but then for the longest time couldn't even remember what we did.)

  5. I LOVE it! So sweet! We also celebrate Vday @home - it's too hard to get babysitting when it's a work night and most of the time, we're too tired to get dressed up and then wait to eat at a mediocre/overpriced restaurant! :) Oh & I just want to let you know that you are on my blog roll on my blog - love all your inspirations! :)


  6. awww so beautiful!! this year I think my bf is taking me to the stadium to watch a soccer game :D


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