Monday, January 2, 2012

How much will you spend on baby clothes?

I am now 28 weeks pregnant and am excited to say that I finally purchased my first baby girl dress!

This is actually the one any only clothing item I have purchased for my soon to be baby girl thus far. Mainly because I have a hard time finding clothes I like and I have even more difficulty spending money on clothes that could be ruined in a second (by a killer diaper explosion) or become too small in a matter of months.

With my first, I mostly bought clothes second hand, or on sale from target or old navy. I made a couple more expensive purchases on little sweaters from Baby Gap, but I sort of felt like they were a waste of money because my little guy outgrew them within a month or two.

How do you decide what to spend money on when it comes to baby clothes?


  1. I think that I would never splurge on baby clothing as some people do. They grow so fast and it won't suit them in a month or I would go fairly cheap or secondhand, like you did.

    But this is a cute dress, by the way!

  2. If it's from target, I pretty much don't look at the price tag because how bad could it be right? If it's from expensive stores then I just hit up the sales. I never really spend more than $20-ish per article of clothing and that's on the high end.

    - Sarah

  3. oh soo tough...b/c it is so easy to shop for girls!!

    Well I lucked out in the fact that my sisters only have needless to say they are always buying clothes for my daughter...

    I never splurged on baby clothes b/c you are so right they grow out of them sooooo fast...! Skirts are the way to go...b/c you can wear them in the summer and in the colder months with tights...I always buy a little big and off season you can get clothes at the children place for 2.00 online if you buy for the following season :)

  4. Ohgosh, does that dress come in adult sizes as well? It's too precious!

  5. It was 20 years ago now but after I had the scan and found out I was expecting a girl (I was about 18 wks pregnant) I raced off to celebrate by buying a little pink dress. It was so exciting. My sister had boys so I had no hand me downs.

  6. We were truly blessed when we had our kids a lot of members of our ward gave us clothes. We got some great hand me downs and having a big family with lots of cousins also helped. Oh I also shop when winter hits for summe clothes and vice versa.

  7. I personally would not go to overboard on expensive baby clothing. However, saying that, i would spend for the special occasions.


  8. Poor Claire, I didn't buy one single thing for before she was born. Soon after she was born we got a few gifts and lots of awesome hand me downs. So really...I spend next to nothing on my kids clothes. I do usually get a few pair of jeans for each one at the beginning of the season. That dress is darling!!!

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  12. My rule of thumb is usually on average $3 per item. My favorite thing to do is to go to a twice yearly consignment sale where I can get clothes for the next six months all at once. Usually I find that I may pay more for jeans, sweaters or jackets (I have a boy) but that little shirts, onesies, etc. will come in under the $3 mark so it will average out. Kelly


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