Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Entertain Your Toddler

I am always looking for new ways to entertain my almost 2 year old, especially on sick days or when it's too cold to go outside (which seems to happen all to often). Even though he has a whole chest full of toys, he looses interest in just about anything new after a week or even just a few days.

On Sunday, my toddler was having some terrible cabin fever (he has been sick with the croup for the last week so I've been trying to keep him home). He was throwing one of his worst temper tantrums when my husband ran outside and returned with a giant piece of PVC pipe, which was apparently left by the previous renters.

We propped one side of the pipe up on the sofa and started sending some Hot-Wheels down the tunnel. It was an immediate hit!!! and my little guy has spent hours playing with it for the last 3 or 4 days!

If you don't happen to have a scrap piece of PVC pipe laying around your house, get creative! Use the backside of a large cookie sheet or anything else long and flat that could work as a car ramp!

Oh, and by the way, YES that is the new area rug I purchased a few weeks ago! I haven't been remembering to take a good picture of it but I do love it!


  1. Great idea! And your new rug looks great!

  2. Emory would love this. I usually just pile the cushions off the sofa and make a slide and a fort, works like a charm. Love the rug. I want it actually :)

  3. What a great Idea! My girls will love this

  4. I just sent this to my sister in law who has a toddler boy. This is genius.

    - Sarah

  5. I LOVE Nolan's face in that first picture. Looks like fun to me too.


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