Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nylon Headband DIY

Have you ever wondered how to make those cute nylon baby headbands?

A friend of mine showed me how a couple of years back and I am happy to say that YES they are as simple as they look! Lately, I have been making them (along with some felt flower clips) for baby shower gifts and all the mom's love them!  I think it's because they stretch really well and are super soft on baby's head (unlike many that will leave red lines and indents). 

If you haven't already learned how, click below to get the tutorial to make your own nylon headband and come back tomorrow to get my DIY for the felt flower clip shown above!

Nylon Baby Headband
Materials needed
Knee high nylons (I buy mine at Walmart or Walgreen's for about 30 cents a pair)
Needle & thread to match headband
Hot glue gun
Small piece of 1/4" wide ribbon (to match headband)

 Step 1. Cut off the toe section of the Nylon sock.

Step 2. Hand sew the two ends together with a wide stitch.

Step 3. Pull the nylon down the thread line so it begins to bunch up. 

 *If the nylon doesn't bunch up enough, you can loop the thread around the sewn section 
(creating a "bow-like" look).

Step 4. Cut a small piece of ribbon about 2" in length

Step 5. Place a small dab of hot glue on the back side of the headband, right on the seam. 
Glue down one of the ribbon ends.

Step 6. Add another dab of hot glue over the piece of ribbon and glue down the remaining end.
Cut away excess ribbon.

and your done! Wasn't that easy? 


  1. These are so cute! Maybe I should make one for my niece due in a few months!

  2. This is awesome! I'm so stoked you make a DIY instructions. Thanks!!!!

    - Sarah

  3. Wow, great tutorial! I have a little Etsy store too but I've been using pre-made headbands. This looks more comfy and cost effective!


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