Monday, October 24, 2011

A couple of updates . . .

As most of you know, I started trying out the "CG" curl method a few weeks ago. I think it has been going pretty hair is definitely curling better and a little less frizzy. Although I have to admit, it's still not curling quite has well as I would like it to. On the plus side, (or weird side,) I have not used ANY shampoo in like 4 weeks and my hair really isn't greasy.

Here is what my hair looks like now, go HERE to see what my hair looked like before...
Looking at these photo makes me realize that I need a trim, and I need to re-color my hair (if you have never colored your hair before, don't do it! It has been an ongoing battle for me since I first did it my sophomore year in high school...I keep trying to just grow out my natural color but I can't stand when the dyed section starts looking all weird and orange-y)! 

As for my other update (if I am having a boy or girl)...Well, it will actually have to wait until tomorrow because I don't go in for my appointment until 1:00pm today. 

Also, I am working on getting our costume's done for a Halloween party this Saturday. I am attempting to make an R2D2 costume for my little boy (cross your fingers, this should be interesting!)


  1. Your hair looks great! Have fun at your appointment today! :)

  2. You could always try a very short bob with just your natural hair color to start over. I think one could be really cute; Just thinkin' out loud.
    I don't wash my hair with sulfate/sudsy shampoo anymore either. My guess is a boy!!

  3. Sulphates are so harsh on curls, love that the method is working for you. Your hair looks great!

  4. I agree, your hair looks great - I have super curly hair that I can never ever figure out how to style so I am going to check out that curl method!


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