Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bookshelf Update

The bookshelf is finished and I finally remembered to take a few photos of it! Originally I wanted to have a free standing shelf (and by that I mean one with no brackets) but my husband personal handyman said he had no idea how to make something like that, especially being about 7' long. So, I thought the next best option was to use small brackets and paint them the same color of the wall to help them blend in a little better.

Here are the before and after shots...

I love how it turned out, and even more I love that we finally have a place to showcase our vintage book collection. I realize that all of the "stuff" on the shelf is a little much (I mean things are looking a bit top heavy) I can't decide if I should take a few things off or try to cover some of the darker books in a fun lighter wrapping paper or something (any suggestions?)

I never did get to buy any new accessories for the shelf while I was in Utah last weekend. I only had about 20 min. to look around Ikea so I ran to get the throw pillows I have anxiously been waiting for months to purchase.

I may have snagged an awesome pillow case on my way out though...

Isn't it lovely?


  1. I love it - great job! I actually don't find it top heavy, I think it balances the two cabinets on either side of the tv. Great pillow too :)

  2. The shelf looks great! I didn't think that it looked like too much when I saw the picture. And you can hardly notice the brackets! Yes that pillow IS awesome :)

  3. Love it! Your handyman sure is handy! I don't think it looks like too much on the shelf at all. Maybe add more white in the bottom shelving?
    That pillow is rad. Come fix up my house :)

  4. It looks great! I don't think it seems top heavy, it seems just right to me. We have this exact same situation at our house, except our wall is still stuck in the before picture phase. This inspires me to make a change!

  5. The shelves are very well fit into interior, only instead instead of books, I would put my loved photos and necessarily remove the lower black shelves they are not suitable


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