Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone and Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

We are in Houston, TX right now visting my husband's awesome brother and sister in-law. Today, we plan to stop by a few of the many meuseums they have here, and we will probably end up taking a dip in the pool...since it is super hot and humid! (ok some of you may not think Houston is that hot and humid, but I have never really been anywhere that made you feel nice and sweaty as soon as you step out the door!)

What are your plans for the 3 day weekend?

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  1. i dont live there anymore but that is my home and everytime i visit i am completely bowled over by the humidity. really enjoy your diy projects. and your cake decorating.

  2. sounds amazing. great post, love. Would love if you'd check out my tribute to Rachel Zoe in honor of tonight's premier. xoxo


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