Monday, August 15, 2011

Favorite Jeans

School is starting this week for all the kido's in my town and although I will not be joining them the new school season always gets me excited for fall fashion!

I'll be honest...the last week or so I have been doing that thing where I stare at my clothes for like 20 min. not wanting to wear anything I own. I think I'm just tired of my summer wardrobe and since I don't currently have much in the budget for shopping a change in seasons seems to be the only way to solve my fashion misery.

I'm really excited to start wearing jeans again but am sad to say that I don't have many pairs to choose from. At the end of last spring I ripped my favorite pair of Gap pants (right in the butt) so I am looking for a replacement pair...

which leads me to the purpose of this post.....

What is your favorite type of jean?

It seems like there are so many styles to choose from right now
skinny's, boyfriend, real straight, bell bottoms, high waisted, leggings...the list is endless. 
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  1. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all of the options for jeans! I love a little bit of flare in my jeans.

  2. I Love Bootcuts. I'm too curvy for straight-leggs to look good on me. I also like them to be the Lee Ryders because they have a bit if stretch to them. I absolutely detest tight jeans.

  3. skinny jeans if the top is roomy, flares if the top is fitted. I've been looking for flares with stretch, i'll have to try those Lee Ryders. I can't wait to have a waist again and get some new jeans! Hopefully it doesn't take too long.

  4. These are what I'll be sporting this season...

  5. My faves are usually the ones that are clean & that fit! I like 'em after a day of wearing when they are nice & worn in. I hate freshly washed jean muffin top! :)

  6. The ginger jean by Seven For All Man Kind!

  7. #1! All my jeans are skinny, simple and dark blue


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