Monday, August 29, 2011

Fabulous Finds: West Elm

Just before my trip home I received the West Elm catalog in the mail and even though I typically can't afford to make any purchases (not saying that they are too overpriced just that we are always on a fairly tight budget), I always have fun just browsing and dreaming of some of the items I would love to own. Here are a few things that caught my eye...

Now if only about $3,000 could magically appear in my wallet...or I just need to get some of my creative juices flowing and try to create some of these things myself. Ok, maybe not the sofa or the rug, but the light fixtures and bed frame could be doable. 


  1. I love West Elm! But it's also a little out of our price range :) I totally think you could recreate those last two!

  2. Love those lamps...for me it is pottery barn magazines ... love looking at their ideas and finding them cheaper :)

  3. You have great taste! West Elm is one if my favorite places for home design and furniture

  4. Actually, the rug would probably be the easiest of the collection to duplicate!!!

  5. Go for it! I would love to see your DIY creations :)

  6. I could shop there everyday.
    But I don't think it would all fit in our Motorhome.


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