Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

I have a small kitchen...and it's driving me insane.
Note: this is not my real kitchen but you can find this one here

It's so small in fact, that I have to store many of my kitchen items in very random places. For example, my rice cooker, croc pot, and cake decorating supplies are hidden in a little cabinet in my living room. I also have kitchen items in my coat closet and hallway niche. 

It would really be so nice if my husband and I could do a little kitchen remodel, but seeing as we are currently in a rental (and couldn't afford any big changes anyways) I have been looking for some great kitchen storage inspiration. 

I came across so many great ideas during my search, but many of them were ideas that could not be easily removed, and seeing how we are renting and don't know how long until we move, I needed storage ideas that I could take with me or were inexpensive fixes.

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen storage ideas along with a few helpful tips...

1. Labeling - no matter how small the space, things always stay more neat and tidy when they have a designated home. Labeling can help you and your family stay more organized.

2. Hanging Storage - Get things off of the counter and hang them on the wall, especially your more appealing pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. This not only gives you more work space, it also makes it easier to grab items that you use frequently.

3. Unexpected storage - Use the inside of cabinets and doors to your advantage. Peg boards are a great inexpensive solution for added storage.

4. Removable furniture - If you can't change your existing kitchen, bring in an armoire to give you extra storage space. Plus this is an investment that you can take with you and can serve various storage needs.

Do you have any tricks you use in your own kitchen to save space? 

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  1. These are great ideas! It seems there is never enough room in the kitchen!!! In both our last rental we put up a shelf (for cookbooks and mixing bowls) and a bar (for all out pots and pans) and got a rolling cart (for the mixer and stock pot) Now in this one we have a big wire rack for our pots and pans and appliances, and shelves for raw ingredients (which gives me so much more room in the pantry) Still I've got ugly stuff above my

  2. ps, peg boards are my favorite, that's my vote!

  3. That is about the size of my kitchen! We use a a microwave cart as our only counter space, its nice because you can move it, its the only way to be able to get to everything.

  4. I love how #2 looks! I want to put some hooks in my kitchen to hang things up now! I needed more storage for food (we don't have a pantry in our rental) so we bought a pantry/armoire thing and it has been such a huge help! I also bought things to put between my non-stick pans so that I can make a huge stack of them (I think I bought them at ?)

  5. I love the idea of using the walls as storage space. I find that if I have clutter free counters I am much more happy!

  6. Thanks for this, I will apply that to my tiny kitchen! ♥

  7. I love the clever labeling. I'm like you in storing/shoving in other random closets cuz I HATE having things on the counter. One of my biggest pet peeves.

  8. LOVE the scrabble tile shelf labels!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  9. Those scrabble labels are adorable. :)
    My kitchen isn't very small but I find myself storing crock pots and other larger items in my living room closet too! I think you max out whatever space you have, no matter how small!


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