Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Potato Chip Chair

Remember way back when I first started blogging, I posted about one of my favorite designer chairs, the Eames Rocking Chair? Well I have another favorite chair created by the same designers, Charles and Ray Eames...

the DCW Chair (also known as the Potato Chip Chair or Molded Plywood Lounge Chair).

For me, this chair was love at first site, and if I had my choice, this would be the chair I would use at my work desk or even around the dining room table. I just can't get enough of the simplistic design and every time I see it I fall in love all over again!

You can purchase this lovely piece over at Herman Miller...and it will only cost you about $780.00
Yep, don't worry...I gasped too

Do you have a favorite designer chair or piece of furniture that your dying to get your hands on?

Photo Credit: 1 2 3 - unknown 


  1. ok the price. I desperately want to go to an IKEA...I know? The closest one is 8 hours away, so I feel Like I am missing out. However I heart anything from pottery barn ;)

  2. I love, love, love the Emeco 111Navy chair ( preferably in Grass but if somebody's giving them away I'll settle for any color). I always pictured them surrounding a rustic and worn wooden table in my kitchen. It'll only run me about $245 a pop. But to make matters worse I recently discovered that they come in polished AND polished or brushed metal with a wood seat. Be still my heart! Seriously, it stopped when I saw the $1200 tag. A girl can dream...

  3. It really is a GORGEOUS chair.. but oh my goodness, I don't think I could ever afford one, let alone a whole set for my dining room!

  4. Truly, those are beautiful chairs.

    I have been trying to hunt down some vintage Acapulco chairs for my deck, but so far I have only found them at this one manufacturer in Brooklyn. I love that they are handmade in the USA but at $400 each I probably won't bite.

    For inside I have been trying to find a pair of teak lounge chairs. Why does everybody who owns fabulous vintage furniture have to know what it is really worth? Lol! Sadly, nobody in our house really wants to spend $1500 on mid-century Danish chairs for the living room, not even me. ;-)


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