Monday, July 4, 2011

Blogger Feature: K. Madsen Photography

I'm excited to announce my first fellow blogger feature...
Kjrsten Madsen of K.Madsen Photography!

Kjrsten is an amazing photographer from the PNW and specializes in weddings. One of my favorite things about Kjrsten's photography is that everything is shot in film. In fact, last summer she sold off every last piece of her digital equipment and has yet to regret her decision. On top of being a photographer, Kjrsten is a full-time mom to 3 beautiful girls and has incredible fashion sense as well. Sadly for us, Kjrsten will be moving to London shortly. But don't worry, she plans to continue shooting all over the UK, and other parts of Europe too! 

You can follow her photography through her Blog or her visit her website... K.Madsen Photography

Here are a few of my favorite photos by Kjrsten (shot with her HOLGA camera)...

Enjoy this Q&A and get to know Kjrsten a little better!

Q.How do you manage your photography business while being a stay at home mom?
A. I say no a lot. I know that sounds weird, but running a business and being a mom (no matter how big or small your business is) gets chaotic fast if you aren't careful. I have a cap on my client bookings each month to ensure my family gets my time and attention first.

Q. What caused you to make "the switch" from digital to film and how did that change your photography style?
A. It was more like a switch back to film. I crossed over to digital in 2008 and spent about a year shooting it. Those were the worst days of my photographic career. From day one I missed the look of film, but even more still, I missed the decisive moment that happens with shooting film. Slowing down, setting up your shot, connecting with your subject, composing in camera... It is the processes of taking the photo that interests me more than what happens in post-production (photoshop.) And the best part of shooting film is the extra time it allows me to spend with my family, because there is far less time behind the computer.

Q.What is your favorite subject to photograph, and why? 
A. The abstract. Because it challenges me to think, see, and feel differently.

Q.How long has it been since you switched from digital to film?
A. I started shooting film at the ripe old age of 11, when my mom enrolled me in a summer-school darkroom class. I watched my first photo magically appear on a piece of paper submerged in developer I was hooked. At some point I got the (not so) bright idea that I needed to join the digital revolution to keep up with the rest of the world. So I gave digital a try, like I said before, I was miserable from day one. I finally sold off every last piece of digital equipment last summer. 

By the way, if you like what you see go HERE and vote for Kjrsten and her HOLGA shots or purchase some of her prints HERE!


  1. kjrsten took some of our wedding pictures and i love love them.. especially the polaroids. she is a doll!

  2. I love Kjrsten's blog! Her photography has always been one of my favorites to follow! She's pretty great.


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