Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Out Of The Box

I have a thing for ultra modern "out of the box" architecture and design. I find it quite fascinating but can't decide if its a look I could pull off in my own home. This house called "Never Never Land," was designed by Madrid-based architect AndrĂ©s Jacque. This home is not only unique for its architecture and design, it has many sustainable features as well. For example, no trees were cut down to build this home. As you can see, the trees were actually incorporated into the house.   

This home may be a little too "out there" for some of you. But, you can still take inspiration from it's individual design features. 

For example... 
1. Don't be afraid to use your favorite colors (like the turquoise and green used here), and paint your whole house with them!
2. Forget the window coverings and flood your space with natural light. Its amazing how a glimpse of nature can change your mood and brighten your day.
3. Keep it simple. Although this home has many contemporary furniture pieces and a bold color pallet, it's not overcrowded with "stuff" making it a more calming environment. 
4. Bring natural elements into your home (like the trees incorporated into the kitchen area). You may not be able to use the same concept as this home, but you can take inspiration from it by using re-claimed wood for interior columns, light fixtures, or bed frames, There are so many possibilities! 

Fore more photos visit House of Turquoise and The New York Times.

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