Friday, March 4, 2011

Unique Curtain Rods

I love this curtain rod idea from Olive and Love.  She used a piece of reclaimed wood leftover from an old bench and added some inexpensive brushed silver hooks from Home Depot.  The sheer curtain looks great and will add privacy to the space yet also allows light to flood the room.  The curtain is actually a sheer shower curtain from purchased from Ikea.  Charming!


  1. AWESOME! I wish I could think of the box like that. I may have to copy this idea. :)

  2. I meant "out of" the box. Your blog is really fun Andrea. You and Abe are so creative and artsy. What happened to me? :)

  3. That is awesome,,, I love it.

    It looks so cool, and almost better than a rod. GREAT idea.

    I'm featuring this on my facebook page girl.... :)


    Bella --- your NEW happy follower!!!

    You have a GREAT blog!!!


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